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Our Mission

Mott Watkins has had experience in serving the engineering and planning needs of municipalities for over 30 years. Our local office and knowledge of Cape May and Atlantic County area allow us to provide the local qualified service needed to meet the full range of day-to-day demands placed on municipalities. Mott Watkins offers a broad range of services including engineering, planning, surveying, and construction management on various projects throughout the municipality.

Mott Watkins continues to meet the challenge of designing and upgrading the necessary infrastructure for municipalities throughout the area. Older and developed communities are facing the problems of deteriorated and undersized infrastructure. Roads, bridges, water supply and distribution systems, and sanitary collection and treatment facilities are becoming inadequate to accommodate both present day and future demands. Projects include replacement and/or rehabilitation of water and wastewater lines, elevated storage tanks, and storm drainage structures; water and wastewater treatment plant upgrades, and the rehabilitation of roads and highways.

Rural and suburban communities, on the other hand, are facing the problems of development in areas where the infrastructure does not exist or is inadequate to meet future demands. Mott Watkins is addressing these development concerns by drafting and implementing proper planning and zoning principles, preparing water and sewer master plans, and designing the necessary infrastructure and municipal transportation systems to adequately meet the future demands of growing municipalities.

For coastal, bay, and riverine communities, Mott Watkins provides expertise in the design and construction of shoreline protection and erosion management projects, including dune and beach designs, groins, jetties, revetments, and beach renourishment projects. We provide coastal audits which include a comprehensive analysis of areas current shore protection status in relation to current FEMA, NJDEP, and ACOE criteria.

Mott Watkins engineers also provide immediate emergency response support as needed in conjunction with natural disasters, particularly in coastal and municipal damage assessments following damaging storm events. We can prepare preliminary and final damage estimates and act as liaison to government agencies such as FEMA and NJDEP for post-disaster funding. Following DSR assessments, Mott Watkins provides full services to substantiate, process, and track disaster reimbursements, projects, and funding. Post-disaster engineering activities also include the processing of hazard mitigation grants to reduce future damage through protective projects.

For all types of municipalities, Mott Watkins can provide support services in roadway design/maintenance, water and wastewater engineering, stormwater management, storage tank management, solid waste management (including recycling), planning and zoning, tax map preparation and maintenance, site engineering, and construction management. We also offer expertise in regulatory compliance for wetlands, soil erosion, asbestos remediation, and non-point source stormwater pollution abatement.

In addition, as part of its municipal engineering services, Mott Watkins provides advisory consultation services relating to Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment activities, including attendance at Board Meetings, as well as the technical engineering and planning review of submissions to the Board(s) for assistance in the approval process.

Mott Watkins Associates, LLC
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