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Egg Harbor Township

  • Municipal & Planning Board - Engineer / Planner

    Mott Watkins has served as the Municipal Engineer for the Township of Egg Harbor since 1996. Egg Harbor Township is located in southcentral Atlantic County. Egg Harbor Township is approximately sixty-seven square miles and had an estimated population of 30,125 persons in 2000. The township experienced an 87% increase in population between 1980 and 2000. There were an estimated 12,296 housing units in the Township in 2000. This represents an increase of approximately 28% from 1990. All development in the Township is subject to the jurisdiction of the Pinelands Commission or the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) through the Coastal Areas Facilities Review Act (CAFRA) regulations.

    General municipal engineering responsibilities have included the review of all applications for street vacations and road openings, maintenance of the Township's tax assessment maps, preparation of grant applications to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), NJDEP, Atlantic County Improvement Authority and other governmental agencies, and attendance at all governing body meetings.

    Mott Watkins has been responsible for the oversight / construction management of approximately ten millions dollars per year of residential subdivision and commercial site plan improvements. These improvements have included roads, sanitary sewer, storm water management facilities, concrete curb and sidewalk, landscaping, parking lots, and various other improvements.

    Specific projects include the following:

    Municipal Road Programs: The firm was responsible for the design / construction management of approximately one million dollars per year in municipal roadway reconstruction. Responsibilities included decisions regarding design of reconstruction / overlay, topographic surveying of all roadways, preparation of design plans and specifications in accordance with NJDOT and other applicable regulations, advertisement and receipt of bids, recommendations for awarding contracts, and complete construction management including daily oversight, measurement of all field quantities, preparation of all change orders and payment estimates, and recommendations for project acceptance.

    Municipal Park Projects: The firm was responsible for the design / construction management of various park projects including the construction of new athletic fields, parking lots, stormwater improvements, lighting / landscaping and appurtenant improvements. Work has included parking lots, stormwater management systems, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) pathways; the design / construction of baseball / softball, soccer and multi-purpose fields; and the design / construction of walking / jogging paths throughout the parks.

    Stormwater Master Plans: The firm was responsible for the planning / design / construction of several municipal stormwater master plans for storm water management in existing developed neighborhoods. Responsibilities included calculations of runoff for various storm events, design of aboveground / underground storage systems, permitting with the Pinelands Commission / NJDEP and complete management throughout the construction process.

    Building Rehabilitation / Upgrades: The firm was responsible for the complete rehabilitation of a 5,000 square feet recreational building including structural, electrical, plumbing, roofing and exterior cosmetic improvements; the design of a new flat roofing system for the existing municipal building; the design of a new stage / amphitheater structure for outdoor concerts and events; and the design / construction of a new heating system for an existing Township school.

    Designation of a Portion of EHT as a "Special Area" by the N.J. Department of Community Affairs (DCA): The firm was responsible for the designation of a Special Area standard for an innovative method of stormwater management as contemplated by the Residential Site Improvement Standards. The firm prepared the necessary study for submission to DCA and provided expert testimony for the Special Area standard to the DCA.

    Public Works Composting Plan: The firm prepared a site plan for the expansion of the Township Public Works yard to allow for leaf / grass composting. The firm assisted with the application / approval process that allows the Township to process approximately 14,000 tons per year of composted material.

    Floodplain Mitigation Planning: The firm has prepared a Flood Management Plan, approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which outlines the potential flooding hazards of the Township and preventive measures to protect persons and minimize property damage. This approved Plan makes both the Township and its residents eligible for future funding to execute the preventive measures. The firm has obtained Army CORPS and CAFRA approval to reconstruct the stormsewer piping in West Atlantic City along with creating sand dunes to prevent flooding of Lakes Bay.

    Various Topographic / Property Surveys: The firm has prepared topographic and property surveys for various municipally-owned properties. Tasks have included field surveying, deed research, digital survey plat preparation, setting monuments, and preparation of meets and bounds descriptions.

    Municipal Master Plans & Elements: The firm has completed a new municipal master plan along with a new land use element, recreation / open space element, conservation element, and utility element. Duties involved review / recommendations regarding municipal zoning; work with the Pinelands Commission and Comprehensive Management Plan for certification of the Township; extensive Regional Growth Area work with the Office of State Planning, State Planning Commission and CAFRA with regard to center designations and state planning areas; and updates to the Township's zoning ordinance and design and performance standards.

    Master Plan Re-examination Report: The firm completed a re-examination of the municipal master plan in 2000. Duties included a review of the 1994 Re-Examination Report, updates to demographic population and labor statistics, and recommendations regarding the need for an entirely new master plan and zoning ordinances.

    Miscellaneous: The firm has been responsible for various consulting planning services for the Township including work on the housing element / fair share plan and interaction with the Council of Affordable Housing (COAH) through the mediation process; drafting of various zoning and land use development ordinances for review by the Pinelands Commission and the Township; preparation of the Township's land clearing standards; justification for a 10% density reduction in compliance with Pinelands Commission regulations; and master plan amendments. Other projects include the introduction of age-restricted housing as a permitted conditional use throughout the Regional Growth Area, the elimination of multi-family housing as a permitted use in various zones, along with numerous other related planning services.

    Mott Watkins has also served as the Engineer / Planner for the Planning Board. The firm has been responsible for the technical review of numerous site plans, major subdivisions, and development for several Planned Unit Residential Developments (PURDs).

  • Residential Inspections

    Egg Harbor Township is a rapidly growing community with approximately 66 subdivisions that are in some stage of construction. Mott Watkins is presently responsible for the inspection of all construction of these developments to enforce township standards Inspection of these residential developments entails performing routine site inspections including supervising pipe installation, pavement installation, compaction, curb and sidewalk construction, grading, soil erosion control measures, stormwater management facilities, landscaping, soil borings, safety standards, and traffic control devices. Mott Watkins works with homeowners and developers to rectify residential complaints in an efficient and satisfactorily manner throughout the township.

    In addition, Mott Watkins performs certificate of occupancy inspections for every new residential home construction in the Township to certify that the home site is safe and all improvements have been completed. Mott Watkins is responsible for reviewing all road opening applications, curb and sidewalk applications, plot plans, grading plans and as-built construction plans.

    residential inspections 1

    residential inspections 2

  • Municipal Utilities Authority - Authority Engineer

    Mott Watkins has served as the Authority Engineer for the Egg Harbor Township Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) from February 2002 to December of 2003 and the Alternate Authority Engineer from December of 2003 to present. Operating on a four million dollar budget, the MUA is responsible for providing public sewerage services to the residents of the Township. The MUA operates and maintains wastewater collection facilities including 43 pump stations, 100 miles of gravity sewer main and 35 miles of sewer force main.

    Mott Watkins has completed the surveying, drafting and design of approximately 7.21 miles of sanitary sewer gravity main extensions for the MUA within the past year. The firm has inspected and certified all newly constructed sanitary sewer gravity and force mains being installed in Egg Harbor Township in approximately twenty new residential subdivisions. All new sanitary sewer pump stations for the MUA are also inspected and certified by the firm. The firm has drafted a conceptual design plan and cost estimate for 7,000 feet of sanitary sewer gravity main which will service 60 homes in the Farmington area of Egg Harbor Township, through a $160,000 Community Development Block Grant from the N.J. Department of Community Affairs.

    Mott Watkins has initiated the review and restructuring of the MUA Rules & Regulations, and all adopted policies into an Official Code Manual for the MUA. In addition, the firm has prepared a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan for the MUA which delineates areas in need of service and which will provide the basis for the expansion of all future capital improvements.

    municipal utilities authority 1

    municipal utilities authority 2

  • Green Acres Funding

    Approximate Green Acre Funding Acquired: $4,186,000

    The Green Acres Program was created in 1961 to meet New Jersey's growing recreation and conservation needs. From 1961 through 1995 New Jersey's voters overwhelmingly approved nine bond issues, earmarking over $1.4 billion for land acquisition and park development. On November 3, 1998, New Jersey voters approved a referendum which creates a stable source of funding for open space, farmland, and historic preservation and recreation development, and on June 30, 1999, the Garden State Preservation Trust Act was signed into law. The bill establishes, for the first time in history, a stable source of funding for preservation efforts (EPA).

    Egg Harbor Township has enlisted Mott Watkins to perform professional surveying of many recreational and open space sites for compliance with Green Acres funding. To date, Mott Watkins has helped the Township of Egg Harbor receive $300,000 and $400,000 in funding for the construction of Bargaintown Park, $150,000 and $250,000 in funding for the construction Tony Canale Park, a 3 million dollar grant for open space of English Creek Manor and a $860,000 grant for open space of the Naame property.

    green acres 1

    green acres 2

  • Traffic Signal Design of Ocean Heights Avenue and Swift Drive

    The intersection of Ocean Heights Avenue and Swift was a dangerous intersection that provided access to two of the township's seven schools, including the school district's transportation department.

    Mott Watkins was responsible for phase design and construction related engineering services for the realignment of the intersection of Swift Drive. Phase I was to provide a 90 degree intersection with Ocean Heights Avenue and provide a left hand turning lane on the west bound side of Ocean Heights Avenue for school bus traffic entering swift Drive. Phase II of the project also included the widening of Ocean Heights Avenue to create an east bound right hand turn lane, widening of Swift Drive to create a left hand turn lane, installation of concrete work, relocation of all utilities, installation of stormwater infrastructure and the installation of a NJDOT certified traffic signal owned by the County of Atlantic, pedestrian control signal, related signage, roadway striping and roadway restoration to the intersection of Ocean Heights Avenue and Swift Drive in Egg Harbor Township. The total cost of both phases was approximately 1,000,000 dollars.

    traffic signal design oh 1

    traffic signal design oh 2

  • Tony Canale Park

    Tony Canale Park is comprised of approximately 50 acres located on Sycamore Avenue behind the Tony Canale Fire Training Facility on English Creek Avenue. Egg Harbor Township has completed Phases I, II, III, and IV of the project which includes five soccer fields, a softball field, a tot lot, a access roadway, amphitheater, parking lots, a five mile long natural walkway that traverses the perimeter of the park and appurtenant stormwater management facilities. A portion of the construction costs for this site were provided by the State of New Jersey Green Acres Funding in the amount of $400,000. Mott Watkins was responsible for the design and construction of all four phases of the park. In the most recent phase, Mott Watkins worked closely with the Egg Harbor Township soccer club to design and construct three new soccer fields and restore two existing soccer fields. In addition, the entire sprinkler system was upgraded which required the installation of a new well pump, mater main, and backflow preventor.

    tony canale park

  • Veteran's Memorial Park

    Veterans Memorial Park, located at Ocean Heights Avenue and Veterans Drive, is a recreational park serving the needs of various community groups throughout Egg Harbor Township. It currently contains youth football facilities, football fields, baseball and softball fields, two street hockey rinks, a tennis court, a BMX bicycle track and a tot lot/playground.

    Recently, Mott Watkins has worked with Egg Harbor Township to complete numerous improvements to the park including a new roadway, parking lot, two new football fields, the restoration of the Babe Ruth baseball field, improvements to the entrance of the park, upgrades to the lighting facilities, the installation of approximately 1/2 mile of walkways in conformance with applicable Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and all appurtenant stormwater management facilities.

    veterans park 1

    veterans park 2

  • West Atlantic City Stormwater Improvements

    West Atlantic City is a geographically detached portion of Egg Harbor Township situated to the east of the rest of the Township, between the cities of Pleasantville and Atlantic City. It is a narrow, two-mile strip of land bordered to the south by Lakes Bay and to the east by Great Thorofare, both of which are tidal waters. Every year, approximately 20 Northeast storms, as well as 17 tropical storms and hurricanes occur along the Atlantic Coast and cause minor to moderate flooding in the area. Additional flooding is caused by overflow from the outdated stormwater drainage system, where backflow through the pipes at times of high tides causes the drainage ditches to overflow and flood even without rain.

    Mott Watkins has obtained NJDEP CAFRA and Waterfront Development permits and an Army Corps of Engineer waterfront development permit for the design and construction of upgrading the current stormwater drainage system and dune creation. The project includes installing new inlets and piping, eliminating seventeen (17) current outfalls that discharge into Lakes Bay and be replaced with only five (5) larger outfalls. In addition approximately 20,000 tons of sand dunes will built along the project for additional flood protection The new outfalls will pipes will be larger than the present outfall pipes and will be supported by the latest environmentally safe piling technology. Mott Watkins has designed the outfall pipes to be cradled by Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) lumber piles.

    These piles will be environmentally safe for the sensitive shell fish habitat of Lakes Bay. Mott Watkins was responsible for preparing a wetlands mitigation plan to be created in return of disturbing wetland areas during the construction of the sand dunes. As you can see the wetlands mitigation included over 90,000 plantings along the sand dunes being created. Mott Watkins will be responsible for all constructing engineering services to ensure the environmentally sensitive areas are protected and replaced as designed. Construction costs for this project are estimated to be over 2 million dollars. Mott Watkins has worked with other State Agencies to obtain over $2,000,000 in funding provided by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Flood Control Project Grant.

    west atlantic city 1

    west atlantic city 2

    west atlantic city 3

  • Community Center

    Phase I of this project was completed in 2008 and consisted of the construction of a 55,802 square foot building to be used for recreational and classroom activities for the residents of Egg Harbor Township. An indoor and an outdoor pool and an access road to connect the community center with the existing Tony Canale Park are proposed to be constructed in the future.

    In conjunction with the Township of Egg Harbor, Mott Watkins designed all site work including landscaping, roadway design, parking lot design, appurtenant stormwater management facilities and an extension of the sanitary sewer for approximately 1,300 linear feet. In addition, Mott Watkins worked closely with Atlantic County to widen the intersection of English Creek Avenue and Arizona Avenue to allow for a new turning lane to serve the Community Center.

    Contact: Peter Miller, Township Administrator, (609) 926-4027

    Approximate Total Construction Cost: $15,000,000
    Civil Site Construction Cost: $1,500,000

    community center 1

    community center 2

  • Bargaintown Park

    Bargaintown Park is comprised of approximately 23 acres located on Delaware Avenue between Ridge and Fernwood Avenues in Egg Harbor Township. The project includes two soccer fields, four tennis courts, two basketball courts, a tot lot, a Babe Ruth baseball field, an access roadway, parking lots, a walkway that traverses the perimeter of the park and appurtenant stormwater management facilities. The construction costs for this site were provided by the State of New Jersey Green Acres Funding in the amount of $700,000.

    Mott Watkins was responsible for the complete topographic survey and detailed design of the Park, including obtaining all necessary permits for the project. Mott Watkins provided construction management services to ensure all the site work is in conformance with the construction specifications.

    Contact: Peter Miller, Township Administrator, (609) 926-4027

    Approximate Construction Cost: $2,000,000

    bargaintown park

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