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Our Staff

James A. Mott, PE, PP, PLS

Mr. Mott has gained extensive experience in the field of municipal engineering and planning. He has completed numerous graduate courses in urban and regional planning, traffic and transportation planning and comprehensive site planning and design. Mr. Mott is a professional engineer, professional land surveyor, professional planner and is a certified municipal engineer. He has served a number of Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Adjustment, reviewing hundreds of site plans and subdivisions for technical compliance with local ordinances and provides expert testimony at public hearings. He has also served as a Planning Board member and has drafted comprehensive master plans and land use development regulations.

Mr. Mott has performed work in complex engineering phases of field surveys, studies, designs, investigations, and construction of highways, bridges, pumping stations, wells, sewage collection systems, and water distribution systems. Other projects include the engineering design and construction management of the rehabilitation and replacement of numerous bridges, bulkheads, reconstruction and resurfacing of urban and rural roadways, traffic signals, and stormwater drainage projects including pumping stations, dams, spillways, and culverts. Mr. Mott has designed numerous subdivisions, waterfront structures, site plans, and surveys for numerous governmental and private clients throughout South Jersey.

Mr. Mott presently is the municipal engineer for the Township of Egg Harbor in Atlantic County, NJ and a graduate from Drexel University.


Robert A. Watkins, PE, PP, CME, CFM

Mr. Watkins has gained progressive responsibility in a multitude of engineering projects since 1999, developing a broad background in all aspects of engineering, surveying, planning and construction management. Mr. Watkins has gained extensive experience in the engineering, surveying and planning fields since graduating from the Villanova University in 1999.

Mr. Watkins is a professional engineer, professional planner, a certified floodplain manager and a certified municipal engineer. He has been intimately involved with the preparation of site plans and subdivisions for submission to various local agencies and is thoroughly familiar with the local approval process. Mr. Watkins has completed numerous technical engineering and planning reviews for local Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Adjustment and regularly serves various Boards as an Engineer or Planner.

Mr. Watkins currently oversees all municipal engineering work in the Township of Egg Harbor. He is responsible for all Township capital engineering projects, including the Municipal Road Program, NJDOT State Aid Projects, Park Designs and Site Plans. He is involved with the inspection and construction management of approximately $10 million/year of construction activity in numerous residential subdivisions and municipal projects. He has been responsible for the technical review of numerous site plans / subdivisions in various municipalities throughout the Atlantic County area. He provides professional engineering / planning consultation on behalf of the municipality at various governing body, planning board and zoning board meetings.


Paul Witherel, EIT

Since joining Mott Watkins Associates, Mr. Witherel has gained experience in numerous areas of engineering, including the construction of stormwater management systems, the reconstruction of roadways and the review of various plans. Mr. Witherel is currently involved with Egg Harbor Township capital engineering projects and with the design of private landuse developments. Mr. Witherel has gained extensive experience in the engineering, and planning fields since graduating from Drexel University in 2019.


Brandon Riggs

Since joining Mott Watkins Associates, Mr. Riggs has gained experience in numerous areas of engineering, including engineering design and construction management. Responsible for various residential and commercial projects throughout Egg Harbor Township and Somers Point. Mr. Riggs has gained experience in surveying in both the public and private sector. He has performed a variety of surveys including property, topographic, road, and construction layouts. Also, he was responsible for daily reports for a variety of project sites in Egg Harbor Township.


Mott Watkins Associates, LLC
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